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Essays in Idleness by Yoshida Kenkou

10-21-14: My favorite Essays by Yoshida Kenkou

There is a charm about a neat and proper dwelling house, although this world, ‘tis true, is but a temporary abode. Even the moonshine, when it strikes into the house where a good man lives in peaceful ease, seems to gain in friendly brilliancy. 

The man is to be envied who lives in a house, not of the modern, garish kind, but set among venerable trees, with a garden where plants grow wild and yet seem to have been disposed with care, verandas and fences tastefully arranged, and all its furnishings simple but antique.

A house which multitudes of workmen have devoted all their ingenuity to decorate, where rare and strange things from home and abroad are set out in array, and where even the trees and shrubs are trained unnaturally-such is an unpleasant sight, depressing to look at, to say nothing of spending one’s day therein. Nor gazing on it, can one but reflect how easily it might vanish in a moment of time,

The appearance of a house is in some sort an index to the character of its occupant.


Though the breeze blow not, the flower of the heart of man will change its hue. Now looking back on months and years of intimacy, to feel that your friend, while you still remember the moving words you exchanged, is yet growing distant and living in a world apart -all this is far sadder than partings brought by death.


One should never make a show of having a deep knowledge of any subject. Well-bred people do not talk in a superior way even about things they have a good knowledge of. It is people who come from the country who offer opinions unasked, as though versed in all manner of accomplishments. Of course some among them do have a really enviable knowledge, and it is their of self-conceit which is so stupid. 

It is a fine thing when a man who thoroughly understands a subject is unwilling to open his mouth, and only speaks when he is questioned. 

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Spider’s web

10-17-14: Poetry Challenge

Like the spider that weaves her web,
my nostalgic memories are entangled
with my birthplace.
Only I am left to find my silk-
beaded past in ruins.

Hell hound

10-13-14: Poetry Challenge

I’ve wandered nowhere
for eternity
At last,
the hell hounds
have found me.

2014 Halloween Poetry Challenge


the days are long
and daisies wilt
beneath the sun
and i’ve grown tired

The philosopher’s stone: alchemic symbolism in relation to Higher-Self and Consciousness



The philospoher’s stone is both liquid and stone. “One and the same thing. That refers to those two aspects of the realization of the Self: something firm is born [physical self and conscious]… and at the same time is born something very living part in the flow of life, without the inhibitions or restrictions of consciousness [the higher self]”

"With the help of the instinct of truth, "Instinctive truth is a manifestation of the [Higher] Self..,It is something which operates in every human being, a discreetly quick word which the [Higher] Self whispers in your ear …", life goes on as a meaningful flow, as a manifestation of the [Higher] Self. That is the result of the coniunctio. In many other cases it is described as the philosopher’s stone.”

So once you are connected to your Higher Self, Higher Self can manifest in your physical daily life through instinctive truth. So Higher Self and Consciousness are harmonized on the physical plane.

In alchemical language the philosopher’s stone represents the truth without reflection, instinctive truth, which is the connection with Higher Self. 

Thus it is believed that once you have the philosopher’s stone, you will have eternal life.

Information gathered from Alchemy by Marie-Louise Von Franz

10-3-14: October Favorites

  1. Scary movies/ Stories: I’m definitely going to be spending this month’s weekends on reading short scary stories and watching horror/ thriller films.
  2. Green Tea/ Coffee
  3. Manga: The final chapter of Claymore is coming out and I’m looking forward to it!
  4. Cozying in cotton blankets
  5. Writing: Horror themed poems, letters, journaling, and short stories

9-26-14: Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and Psychology by Marie-Louise von Franz

Synopsis: Shows the secret goal of alchemy to be the transformation of the personality, the search for wholeness. Invaluable for interpreting images in modern dreams and for an understanding of relationships.


My Thoughts and what I learned: 

This text was a bit difficult for me to digest and at some points I felt what was discussed was not entirely necessary. I felt that some of it could be weeded out so we could simply have the main topic discussed. I definitely did enjoy it and felt that it was relevant to my life. The synopsis describes how the goal of alchemy is to reach wholeness and this wholeness pertains to balancing the unconscious, which is also related to the darkness within us, and the conscious, reason.That we are to learn to not allow unconscious to swallow us whole or conscious to destroy the unconscious. Essentially when we achieve this Self, or Higher-Self (in terms of spirituality), “begins to manifest in space and time … [and] has an immediate effect upon the whole of life; then action and reaction are constantly in accordance with the Self… and can produce autonomous impulses.. it is no longer a question of right or wrong, for if one is one with the Self one does not care any more.”.We simply do what is needed to be done because we will finally be giving ourselves to our Higher-Self, which knows all. 

Recommended to: If your interested in psychology or spirituality or simply seeking to understand oneself better then I suggest this text! You may have difficulties with keeping to the text, but don’t give up! You’ll find some great information and learn about yourself more than you may believe you’ll find. 

9-16-14: Reborn Hope

“A woman I know well always treats her current romance as if it’s her first.  She always looks like she’s never fallen in love with someone before that. That’s how it should be.” 

- Kaiki Deshu

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I often throw myself into terrible relationships because I want to believe that it will cultivate into something more. In the end I realize that I invested my time and efforts into nothing. The other party never wanted anything more. I then feel foolish and hopeless. I end up believing that there is no such thing as love. I tell myself that the idea was only fostered by films and delusional people and that “love” is only an exchange of services. 

But. But I don’t want to believe that. I want to look at my failures and say, “This is not even the beginning. I deserve more. I deserve love.” It doesn’t have to be like the movies, and it can be an exchange of services, but I deserve someone who loves me. I won’t give up and when I do fall in love, it will be as if I never was hurt before. I will learn from my past and it will no longer be a burden. 

9-6-14: Maleficent 

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